I’ve been a District 7 resident for seven years.   As Buckhead grows, I believe visible, accountable representation is critical to maintaining its role as Atlanta’s financial center and as one of the city’s most desirable communities.   My volunteer service to Livable Buckhead, Inc., the Buckhead Condo Alliance and most recently, to the North Buckhead Civic Association has helped me realize that Buckhead needs more active engagement with Atlanta City Government and the City Council, and more visibility and accountability within our neighborhoods.   This is why I am running for my district’s seat on the Atlanta City Council.


My concern for preserving the quality of life in Buckhead as it expands will mean actively addressing the challenges of traffic congestion, public safety, construction, and monitoring the development of Park 400.  My focus will be on engaging every Buckhead neighborhood so each remains a  financially strong, safe, and sought-after place for business, family and social life, and for education.  Traffic bottlenecks, potholes, water meters without covers, and broken or overgrown sidewalks are the unfortunate byproducts of development and infrastructure neglect.  As a runner whose exercise route puts me in direct contact with these eyesores and inconveniences, I realize when left unaddressed, these challenges slowly erode the quality of life in our district.  As the Beltline energizes Atlanta’s core, I’ll work to see that Buckhead continues to attract the nation’s top corporations, retailers,  restaurants, and residential developers because it is safe, well maintained, pedestrian friendly with nature paths, parks and trails, connected to public transportation, and most of all, is actively and visibly represented on Atlanta’s City Council.  Atlantans recently voted to self-tax to improve transportation;  to me, this lays the foundation for leadership that is ready to engage  residents in creating viable solutions for managing Buckhead development.  I will be that kind of representative.